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Vitamin C: Nature's Super Medicine That Cures Disease and Threatens Big Pharma Profits

When the "COVID Pandemic" began in China in 2020, which we now know was just a politicized version of the annual flu infections, doctors in China immediately began using Vitamin C to quickly cure people. American doctors also began using Vitamin C therapy with great success in treating "COVID." They were so successful, that some were arrested and others were forced to take down their websites. Health Impact News was also attacked by the Facebook "Fact Checkers" that tried to discredit our reporting on this topic. If you search Health Impact News for "vitamin c," you will get 397 results, and some amazing articles on just how powerful this natural medicine is. The most comprehensive article and video presentation is one done by Dr. Suzanne Humphries in 2014, and I am going to reproduce the article we did on that presentation, and we have also re-uploaded her video to our Bitchute channel. The most potent form is through IV drips, but most hospitals will not allow it. I personally use a liposomal version of Vitamin C, as it allows me to take much higher doses without disturbing my stomach, as ascorbic acid can irritate your stomach. A buffered version can help, but I do better with the liposomal version (and no, I do NOT sell Vitamin C). When news first broke in early 2020 on the success in treating coronavirus patients in China, all forms of Vitamin C became hard to find. The ascorbic acid powders can be stored indefinitely, so stocking up on this would be wise.

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