This is not being report by the corrupt Mainstream Media

Canadian postal workers protest COVID shot mandate ahead of Nov. 26 deadline

COVID protests erupt in Europe

Thousands protest in Vienna…

Dutch police open fire on protesters…

Clashes in Rotterdam…

Brussels looks like a war zone…

POLICE STATE: Australians Mass Protest After Churches Raided, Moms Arrested, Citizen Snitches

Close to 500, 000 Protesting in Vienna, Austria (8 Min)

New York City, Olympia Washington, Minnesota protests against vaccine mandates.

Austria 10-day Nationwide LOCKDOWN Begins

Australia: Tens of thousands march ‘for freedom’

Denmark: ‘Men in Black’ hold anti-COVID restrix demo in Copenhagen

Protests against renewed Covid-19 restrictions turned violent in The Hague.

Hundreds of ‘anti-vaccine passport’ protesters marched through Oxford Street in London

Protesters are take to the streets of Rome on Saturday

Yellow Vests 3rd anniv. Paris: tear gas, clashes with police

The Italian government is abandoning plans to tighten the rules of covid-isolation

Thousands in Victoria Park – LONDON – on Saturday!

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