Petition to Government of Canada e-3588 (Health) for Ivermectin

Petition e-3588 (Health)
  • Early outpatient treatment utilizing multiple repurposed medications for COVID-19 have been demonstrated in numerous clinical trials to reduce hospitalization and death;

  • Vaccine efficacy declines over time, in part due to new variants, rendering all people susceptible to SARS CoV2 infection;

  • Accordingly, both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons with COVID-19 benefit from early treatment;

  • Ivermectin has been determined to be remarkably effective in prophylaxis (~86% fewer cases) and treatment (~68% fewer deaths) for COVID-19 by the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development panel;

  • Ivermectin has proven to be very safe, as one-third of the world’s population (~7,850,000,000) has taken ivermectin to prevent various parasite (worm) infections; only 16 deaths and 5663 adverse events reported through WHO/VigiAccess pharmacovigilance from 1992 to September 2021;

  • Several countries (many or all regions), including Bangladesh, Belize, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Japan, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa have made ivermectin readily available (often over-the-counter or free);

  • Ivermectin is already approved in Canada for anti-parasitic use and is now generic and inexpensive;

  • Ivermectin is a candidate to provide protection and prevention against COVID-19;

  • Many Canadians are taking veterinary ivermectin with risks to their health as reported by Health Canada; and

  • Schedule II medications provide additional safety through advice from a pharmacist.

We, the undersigned, physicians, scientists, and other concerned residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to urgently examine the evidence in favour of ivermectin and consider making ivermectin available immediately to Canadians as a schedule II medication, obtained directly from a pharmacist.