Hidden Wound, Broken Country

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Earlier this week, I had a sense that I needed to head down to Parliament Hill (which I jokingly refer to as my second home these days) on Canada Day to pray the Rosary. Originally, I was just going to quietly attend myself and pray, but then I decided to send out a message to my small crew at SJAC. No big planning and no budget. Just some invocatory prayers and the Rosary for Canada on this Canada Day. This morning I had the strong sense that I should livestream it on my YouTube Channel for anyone else who wanted to join. I am glad that I did. Below is the full livestream:

After some small talk, I offered some introductory remarks on the similarities between the plight of the Unborn and the victims of the vaccine mandates. My short hand notes of my remarks are below:

o Misuse of Authority

§ Unborn: Human will usurps natural justice

§ Vaccines: State usurps its lawful authority to control what is not theirs to control. No authority over the stewardship of what God has given to us as individuals and persons.

o Stripping of Genuine Human Rights

§ Unborn: Denied the right to life and recognition of their personhood

§ Unvaxxed: denied basic civil liberties as a citizen of this country, being demoted to non-persons

o Abuse of Conscience

§ Unborn: How many women have been forced to betray their consciences and have an abortion because of outside pressure – by their partners, family and society itself? It’s our dirty little secret in this country, isn't? We've been trampling on consciences for over 50 years now with abortion.

§ Unvaxxed: Cannot in good conscience accept the vaccines but the State has forced it citizens to betray their consciences under pain of loss of livelihood and participation in our society.

o Attack on the Human Body & Fear

§ Unborn: How many millions of unborn children have been sacrificed over the past 60 years here in Canada? And how was this done? Through manipulation, lies, and fear.

§ Unvaxxed: The same manipulation, lies and fear that led to the slaughter of millions is now bearing down on those who insist on the stewardship of their own bodies. The State is now a hostile enemy who seeks to control, injure and even destroy our bodies under the pretense of health.

o Theological Error

§ Every attack on humanity is a theological attack, first. The subtle victory they have claimed for themselves is the successful separation of the body from the person. It's what has allowed them to be successful in their victory on abortion, and it's the same twisted error (and heresy) that has allowed them to deny basic civil liberties to those of us who have refused them control over our own bodies in refusing the vaccines.

Reflection on Roe v. Wade –

o Overturned on the Feast of the Sacred Heart – Abortion stops a beating heart.

o Direct result of the Pope’s Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

o Flag of the Immaculate Heart

o March 25 – The Annunciation – the Conception of Jesus in Our Lady’s Womb

o St. John the Baptist – leapt in St. Elizabeth’s womb at the voice of Our Lady | St. John was a martyr for Marriage | Martyr who confronted the Corruption of his time.

• Canadian Context:

o Things look bleak politically, but nothing is impossible for God

o Nothing is going to stop what has happened in the U.S.

o Our Lady has her hand on this country and on this issue

o We are the most barren and treacherous country in the world on this issue, and that is precisely why we will be key in this fight.

After my introductory remarks at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, we began the invocatory prayers. Some of them had a bit of spice in them too. We need spicey prayers these days. We need to be bolder in asking God to move on this mess we have made for ourselves, and we cannot be afraid of what He will ask of us in return. I wonder sometimes if we are simply not serious about confronting the evil in our society because we are afraid that God will ask of us a response whose price (we think) is too steep to pay. We need more people who will open their hearts wide open and be willing to sacrifice. We need holy gamblers who will risk something substantial for God.

As we prayed our invocatory prayers calling for the intercession of St. Joan of Arc (our Community's patron saint), St. Michael the Archangel, Our Lady, St. Joseph, the Canadian Saints and Blesseds, as well as the Golden Arrow, I sensed a really thick spiritual haze descending. It was a very weird experience. One man and his kids walked right by us a couple of times and I could sense a real agitation among all of them. It gave me the creeps. Then another guy comes by while we started praying the Sorrowful mysteries, and offers his own "prayer" of sorts: "Hail Satan!". He would follow us again and repeat his mocking invocation two other times. The last time can be heard clearly when we were praying the Joyful mysteries in front of the Prime Minister's Office. More on this a little later.

Anyhow, as we prayed the Sorrowful mysteries, we had to compete with the Hare Krishnas across the street, so we paused the Rosary and continued on the other side of the Tomb of the Unknown solider. In jest, I remarked about only seeing them in movies and only at airports. Apparently Canada Day is a new venue for them these days, too.

After we finished the Sorrowful mysteries, we started towards the Hill, when we happened to land on the other side of Elgin and Wellington, which happened to be the building which houses the Prime Minister's Office. At that moment, we realized how appropriate it would be to stop there and pray the Joyful mysteries for Justin Trudeau - both as a person and in his position as our Prime Minister. As we begin to discuss how providential and appropriate it was that we were there, one of our members related how one of Justin Trudeau's siblings was in fact aborted. She also related the fact that Justin's parents, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau and his mother Margaret were married on March 25,1971 and Justin's birthday is December 25. March 25 is the feast of the Annunciation. March 25 was the date the Pope Consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart which led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the U.S. As I processed these facts, I also started to contemplate how tragic Justin Trudeau's life has been (he also lost a brother to a tragic skiing accident), and how his mother's tragic choices would form his position on abortion. I observed to everyone assembled that it is very possible that for him, to hold a pro-life position on abortion might lead him to form a negative judgement on his mother. The image of Justin Trudeau's family is an image of tearing flesh. For many sons and daughters whose siblings have been aborted, they have a choice: destroy their relationship with their parents or bury the reality of what happened to their lost sibling. That is the only tragic choice many face because they don't know Jesus's mercy and forgiveness. His Mercy can cover all judgement and sin, but few know it...including our Prime Minister.

And for us, as a country, we continue to be a broken country because Justin Trudeau, our leader, represents to God this country's abortion brokenness. This is a story which involves the Trudeau family and the Lord, well beyond banal and superficial politics. It's a story of unfinished abortion business started by his parents - one in the personal realm and the other in the political realm which God seeks to conclude once and for all.

Justin's wounds are hidden from Canadians. They are not talked about publicly or politically or in polite company, except in whispers and dark corridors. But his pain and the tragedy of his family, although dressed up in slick euphemistic politics, are more than just personal. Sin, tragedy, justification, and judgement are rarely contained in a neat political lock box. The citizens always suffer for the sins and wounds of their leaders. It's always cloaked in political camouflage but it is, at its heart, a pussing wound which never heals without God and can end up destroying a nation.

We need to pray for the Prime Minister. Not only for his own soul but Canada's as well.

Pictured Below: Yours truly touching the Crucifix on the end of my Rosary to the PMO's plaque, and saying a short prayer.

In her Immaculate Heart,

John Pacheco

St. Joan of Arc Community

July 1, 2022 (Canada Day)

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