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For Life & Liberty for All

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

We are in the midst of the greatest battle of all time. Most people - including most of our political and spiritual "leaders" - are simply clueless. They do not have eyes to see or ears to hear. They look at what is transpiring in our days through the eyes of fear and pseudo-science, and therefore are useless to God. They refuse to repent of their willful blindness, and would allow the country to descend into virtual communism, complete darkness and moral anarchy. If we left it to them, that's exactly what would happen. Faithless, cowardly, greedy and corrupt men - virtually all of them. No guts and therefore no glory for them, either. They would never risk anything for God because they value human respect too much. Why is it that you think God chooses the lowly and insignificant of this world to accomplish His Will? It's because they don't have anything to lose and they act like it. That is the kind of Faith we Catholics need to rediscover. We are too comfortable, too safe, and too so very useless to God. We are salt that has lost its flavour. All of us are cowards and have turned away from God. We need to be bold again. We need to light a flame and let it roar out of control. And let the proverbial cards fall where they may. Step on some toes. Raise our voices. Make life uncomfortable for family and friends. And if necessary, yes it is necessary sometimes - to p-off some politicians off and make some bishops angry at us. Or as Pope Francis once said, "make a mess".

When the Truckers were on the Hill earlier in the year, a group of us were there each weekend and even during weekdays praying the Rosary. I tell you, looking back I would have given my right arm not to have missed such an amazing spiritual and thoroughly Canadian folklore moment. I remember the incredible patriotism and kind people I met. I remember the jubilant atmosphere. I remember being confirmed in my opinion of the near-absolute wickedness of the legacy media. I remember praying with and meeting amazing Catholics and other Christians. I remember handing out Rosaries to grateful truckers. I remember buying groceries and my family dropping off food to these amazing ad hoc distribution networks that were forming. I remember feeling proud to be Canadian again.

And here is something else I remember. I remember realizing in a very profound way during this time on the Hill that the battle we were (and are still) facing is a battle for the control of humanity itself. At first, I did not realize the link between abortion

and the vaccine tyranny bearing down on the country. But then I started to see the clear link. What we are experiencing now with these tyrannical governments is simply an out-growth of what is hidden in abortion. By assenting to abortion, society is granting to certain authorities the right to unilaterally trample on and destroy another person's body. The unborn child is a person, but in his case, few see him as a person with human rights. Is this not what has happened to us who have refused the vaccines? Are we now not non-citizens or, at the very least, second-class citizens? Of course we are. Some of us have died because of this attack on our human rights. And so, we find ourselves in a similar plight as the Unborn, fighting for recognition as persons before a corrupted State and a blinded citizenry.

In many respects, we've had our human rights ripped from us, just as the Unborn have had. And do you know what the unborn and the unvaxxed have in common? We are both fighting for our bodies and we are both attempting to repel those who seek to control, manipulate, experiment and destroy it. It is only by the cheapening of the human body and its sacredness that these tyrannical governments have been so successful in mandating the control over our bodies and owning us. That could never have happened unless abortion and the destruction of innocent human flesh was first inserted into the human consciousness. If they can make the unborn child disposable, they can make everyone disposable because they have taught us in abortion that it is the human will alone which is sovereign and not the human person or God. They will come up with any excuse (i.e. "health") to ensure that it is the "collective will" which triumphs over the human body, the human conscience, and the human person.

Every attack on humanity is a theological attack, first. Most people don't realize that, but they should. In this case, the subtle victory they have claimed for themselves is the successful separation of the body from the person. It's what has allowed them to be successful in their victory on abortion, and it's the same twisted error (and heresy) that has allowed them to separate your body from your claim on human rights - a claim that can only be sustained through the inviolability of personhood which only comes from the Tri-Person God.

So, how do we fight this? We fight this through the Rosary. During one of our Rosary Zoom sessions on the Hill, a friend of mine, impressed by the beautiful reflection of the Sun, took a picture of her computer screen during the Rosary. It is represented below without manipulation. If you look closely, you will see Our Lady's face, hairline, veil, and gown. She has her arms outstretched as if blessing the crowd. She is also pregnant. That's what I see. You might not see it. And that's Ok. But I see it. I see in this picture a great responsibility for those of us who are awake to pray. And I also see in this picture Our Lady's blessing and assurance that through the Rosary we can conquer abortion and the tyranny that comes from it and bring Canada back to her Son. How does that sound to you? Do you want to see that happen? How much? Enough to pray the Rosary every day?

Join me at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

to pray the Rosary on July 1 @ 10AM.

And perhaps process to Parliament Hill.


Who's coming?

You, me, a few others and maybe heaven itself

For Canada, for Life, and for Liberty.....and for all.

In her Immaculate Heart,

John Pacheco

St. Joan of Arc Community

June 28, 2022

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