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The Golden Arrow Prayer

May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible, and ineffable Name of God be forever praised, blessed, adored, loved, and glorified, in heaven, on earth, and under the earth, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. 


Join us June 9 - June 17 to pray the Golden Arrow Prayer as a Novena


Blasphemy is a poisoned arrow continually wounding Jesus's divine Heart. Our Savior dictated a prayer, which He called "The Golden Arrow", revealing to us that those who would recite this prayer would wound Him delightfully, and also heal those other wounds inflicted on Him by the malice of sinners. 





The Golden Arrow Pilgrimage

  • Place:  Tomb of the Unknown Solider

       then procession to Parliament Hill

  • Dates:  June 4 and 18 | Time:  9AM-3PM 

  • Principal Sacramentals:  A Large Blessed  

Cloth Image of the Holy Face (the Golden Arrow),

and a Banner of the Our Lady of Sorrows.

  • Participation will be in the form of a Procession beginning at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and then continues as the pilgrims make their way up to Parliament Hill to the Holy Face of Jesus.  Pilgrims are encouraged to participate with family and friends if possible.  


(be sure to refresh the YouTube page to see the live video)

Liturgical Program





At the Monument:

  • Prayer to defeat tyranny and totalitarianism in Canada

  • Invocation of St. Joan of Arc  & St. Michael the Archangel

  • Invocation of Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of Intercessors

  • National Anthem (Religious Version)

  • Invocation of St. Joseph (Prayer for Canada)

  • Invocation of the Canadian Saints & Blesseds

In Procession to the Hill:

  • Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary & Hymns​

On the Hill:

  • Litany of St. Joseph

  • Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

  • Golden Arrow Prayer

  • Act of Consecration to the Holy Face

  • Reparation Prayer, Aspiration Prayer, Prayer to Reproduce Image of God In Our Souls

  • Litany of the Holy Face

  • Hourly Devotions on the Hour & Concluding Prayers 


Phase 2:  Golden Arrow Billboard Campaign - This will involve showing Our Lord's Holy Face on Billboards in Ottawa.  Details of the campaign to be announced.

To donate to our efforts, click here:


The Golden Arrow Project is principally a pilgrimage of reparation where Canadian Catholics may come and ask for God's forgiveness for the offenses committed against Him, specifically the sins of atheism, blasphemy, and profaning the Lord's day which correspond to the rejection the first three Commandments.  The secondary motive is to beseech God to defeat the vaccine tyranny currently engulfing Canada and the world.  And the tertiary motive behind this effort is one of evangelization to bring people of good will to Jesus Christ and the Church, as well as being a work of mercy to instruct the ignorant.

Mission Objectives:

  • To make reparation to God for the indifference, disrespect, profanation, and blasphemy made against the Holy Name of God and the Holy Eucharist. 

  • To recognize the Holy Face of Jesus Christ as the true and real medicine against the advancing totalitarianism and neo-communism brought about by atheism, scientism, and faithlessness.

  • To remind the Canadian people of the divine image of God in us as represented by the unhidden face of Jesus Christ, who is the only source of authentic freedom and joy in this life and in the next.

  • To affirm the inviolability of the human conscience and the personal stewardship of the human body in the face of vaccine tyranny and a colonialism of fear imposed by the emerging biomedical state.

  • To offer a sign of hope for the abandoned and marginalized in the Church and in Canadian society, as a consequence of vaccine mandates.

  • To share the Holy Face and the Holy Name of Jesus to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the liberating message of salvation in Jesus Christ - both spiritually and physically.

  • To promote the personal devotions to The Golden Arrow and to Our Lady of Sorrows.
















How is this project relevant in SJAC's efforts to restore our freedoms against medical tyranny imposed on us?


1) Atheism - Historically, the private revelation of Jesus Christ in this devotion specifically called out the evils of Communism which could be defeated with the use of this image. The Communist threat in the 21st century has a very modern look to it.  Although the core fundamental principles are the same as the old Communism which retains control, "science", compliance, and state propaganda as its hallmarks, this particular version we face isn't Uncle Josef's (i.e. Stalin's) Communism. It's a smooth, slick and cultured one which uses pharmakeia (Cf. Galatians 5:19) and fear porn as its principle means of control and enforcement.  Some of the tactics are the same:  threat to economic security, division of families and the Church, and pitting one group of a population against another (i.e. compare Stalin's economic class warfare vs. Trudeau's version of the vaxxed/unvaxxed), while using lies, fear, and the corruption of a State's institutions (mostly through money and greed) to impose its tyranny on a spiritually blind citizenry.  Undergirding all of this hysteria is an implicit denial of God and his sovereignty in favour of twenty-first century man's new idol:  faux-science.  Here's a question;  when Israel turned to idols in the Old Testament, how did it work out for them?


2) Blasphemy - It is not a coincidence that Our Lord uses an image of His Holy Face to combat Blasphemy, for it is out of the mouth (and heart) that Man blasphemes his Creator.  With the incarnation, the human face is elevated to a new and divine dignity, as a Son beholds his Father.  When theologians speak of being ushered into the presence of God, they call it "beholding the Beatific Vision" because it involves the Redeemed and Saved seeing God "face to face" which is testified to in Scripture:  “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face” (1 Corinthians 13:12).  Therefore to disfigure or cover the human face, especially in Divine Worship, is particularly problematic and grave. COVID has ushered in a Health Cult with its own sacramentals (masks) and sacrament (vaccine). When we hide our faces from our Creator, we are unknowingly covering our dignity and declaring that fear overcomes our faith (Cf. Jer 7:19; Psalm 44:16; Dan 9:7; Ezra 9:7; 2 Chron 32:21; Jeremiah 51:51; Psalm 69:8).  Our submission to the mask becomes the State's sign to us, that it is they and not God to whom we owe ultimate obeisance.  The image of a masked face enforced on a population without clear and compelling evidence of its necessity, therefore, while not imputing any culpability to the ignorant, becomes (objectively) an offensive image to God, a blasphemy, because it disfigures His image in us.

3) Keeping the Lord's Day Holy -  For the last two years, we have witnessed the greatest attack on the Third Commandment, and the amazing thing is that few people have called it out as such.  And yet, this attack by the State has not only been unrebuffed by the Church, but has actually been welcomed and blindly championed by her Ministers in an discipline where they have no competence or authority, and in many cases, our spiritual leaders have gone further than the State in imposing disproportionate and irrational restrictions on access to Mass and the Sacraments even during the holiest days of the Church's liturgical life, with some bishops even openly and actively dividing the body of Christ based on the demands of the Health Cult and its pseudo-sacrament.  If this does not qualify as an insult to Jesus Christ and the profanation of the Lord's day, what, precisely, does?  Needless to say, the drop off in Mass attendance over the last two years and now going forward, when the State tells the Church She "is permitted to open up again for business" is yet another affront against the rightful and dignified worship of Jesus Christ.  This whole scandalous situation is an obscene and unnecessary profanation, fueled by an unadmitted apostacy.



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