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Community Registration

The St. Joan of Arc Community exists to assist members in navigating these difficult and challenging times by providing a forum to share information, expertise, and resources for the mutual benefit, growth, and protection of its members.  As the culture and society seek to marginalize those who do not subscribe to medical tyranny and totalitarian tactics, Community members will seek out one another for fellowship, prayer, worship, and practical material assistance.  

To apply for registration, you must complete both steps:


1.  Website Member Registration: To register with this website to access the Member Only Discussion Forum, receive regular communication, and be invited to our Video Presentations register on the "login" link below.  Once you click on the link, another page will open. Be sure to click on the "Sign up" link on that page:


2. Community Registration:  To register with the St. Joan of Arc Community, please fill in this form.


Please note:  These are two separate steps that must be completed individually in order to be fully registered.  YOU NEED TO COMPLETE BOTH STEPS OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY COMMUNICATION FROM ST. JOAN OF ARC.

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