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About Us


SUPPORT - We exist to provide a community of support for unvaccinated Catholics (vaccinated and unvaccinated) who firmly oppose Covid Vaccine Apartheid, as is currently practiced in Canada, and any future exercises in totalitarian oppression.  Those who are militantly in favour of such vaccines are not welcome in this Community.

TRUST - This Community places all of its trust in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour to provide for our material and spiritual needs now more than ever.

CONSCIENCE - Any initiative, activity, or forum proposed by members of this Community is completely voluntary and must respect the consciences of its members.  This Community rejects all forms of direct and indirect coercion as is currently imposed in the wider culture.  The only compulsion will be a member's own conscience and the demands which Christian charity imposes upon it.

REPRESENTATION - The Community - through the strength of its members' faithful and moral witness - will seek to represent its members' views and interests to third parties - legal, political, and ecclesiastical.

MEDICAL - The Community will seek out qualified medical professionals who respect conscience rights to assist members with their needs.

ECONOMY - We will seek to create a forum to assist its members' material needs in exchanging goods and services with other members at preferential rates, and to build a genuine Christian economy based on sound free market principles.

COMMUNICATION - Community Members who have a specialty in IT will collaborate to develop a private and secure social media platform in order to provide the wider community with greater freedom and privacy than is currently available on existing social media platforms.

CHARITY - This Community will provide a platform for the exercise in genuine Christian charity by financially assisting other members who are in need.

COMMON GOOD - Individual Community Members who have the financial means will be encouraged to research and seek out farmland to purchase, as well as other opportunities which assist members to rely less on the prevailing culture's networks and grids.

COMMUNION -  All members are encouraged to gather with one another in regular social occasions to strengthen their bonds of Catholic fellowship and charity, as well as to embolden their witness of the truth of the dignity of the human person and the sanctity of conscience.

SOLIDARITY & EVANGELIZATION - Members are encouraged to reach out to join our fellow Canadians and their efforts to overturn Vaccine Apartheid and to assist them in their efforts to do so, demonstrating solidarity with them and providing them a witness of Christian solidarity and sacrifice in defense of shared and genuine Canadian values.

ST. JOAN OF ARC - This Community bears the name of this remarkable witness of courage and faith, virtues which are absolutely necessary to defeat this present darkness.   Joan's challenges are similar to ours:  to expel the darkness from our land and to unify it in the only unity which is real who is a person and the Truth itself - Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.

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